Great Yarmouth’s Must Visit Attraction

We hope that you will find your visit interesting, entertaining, enjoyable and most of all, fun. Merrivale is not just another model village – it is a typical reflection of the English countryside in miniature, just over one acre in extent. It has it’s own busy town centre, as well as its perfectly kept village inn, farm, travelling fair, sports stadium, zoo, holiday park, country club, castle and cottages. You will see different types of models set against an attractive scenic background, achieved by the planting of several dozen deciduous


Sensory Garden

Test your senses

Our special sensory garden is where you can test your senses.

Merrivale Sensory Garden

Merrivale Model Village

Merrivale Model Village Attractions

  • Beside The Seaside

  • Merrivale Castle

  • Majestic Theatre

  • Merrivale Eye

  • Merrivale Rocket

  • Merrivale at Night

  • Merrivale Holiday Park

  • Merrivale Church Wedding

  • The Crown Jewels

  • Merrivale Olympics

  • Sensory Garden

  • Merrivale Gift Shop

  • Christopher’s Cafe

  • The Mansion

  • Animated Scenes

Christopher's at Merrivale

Merrivale Tearooms


Traditional Tea Room serving cream teas and an extraordinary selection of fancy cakes. We have an extensive range of home-cooked meals, drinks and snacks, with allergy free options for the majority of our menu.


Must see on your visit

Discover Merrivale


Miniature only in size not in experience
Visited with the wife on a Saturday morning in September. Queue very small but took about 10 mins to get in due to the extensive briefing you get from cashier who explains everything really well.

One way system in operation which makes you feel safe but also means you don’t miss anything which I liked.

Crazy golf is basic but free so whey hey. Sanitiser available to clean clubs and balls.

Loved the humour included in the models with funny scenes included.

Overall we loved it thank you

Gary C Dunblane, Tripadvisor

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  3. Anderson
  4. Taft
  5. Samaria

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